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Greg Roberts

Dave Ramsey Financial Peace Master Coach
Notary Public Saskatchewan

About Greg

Greg is a successful Entrepreneur, Financial Coach, Arbitrator, Counselor, Notary Public, Husband, and Father. He has been in the Financial and Debt industry for nearly 20 years and has helped thousands of Canadian individuals and families break free from the bondage of debt and get a handle on their finances.

He and his wife Jennie head up the My Money Mastery Team at CCDR and have 3 Children (Isaac, Ruby, and Lacey).

Debt plays favorites to nobody, and Greg knows this firsthand, after he himself being in collections and having to file a bankruptcy at an early age.

Post that, he had spent 5+ years in the credit and banking industry before starting Canadian Customer Debt Relief Inc. in 2004.

Education has been a career-long pursuit and has yielded Greg 3 different designations CDA, CCCS with the IAPDA, and FPMC Designation with Dave Ramsey Solutions.